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The Elmwood Fire Department is sponsoring the local fireworks stand again. Proceeds will benefit the department. Please shop locally for your fireworks! Don't be tempted by other stands! This one is much better! As long as your money is going to go up in smoke it might as well benefit someone local!



Brooke and Shay are loading up on explosives from Dan Spaulding and his helper, Ben.


Tracy Spaulding helps out, too.

The fireworks stand is located across from the post office.



Run or Walk for Dillon!

Start the 4th of July with a big bang! The 7:00 a.m. Dillon Synovec Memorial Run is the perfect way to get the celebration underway!
After the run/walk enjoy some breakfast at Bulldogs! Then the parade will be starting at 11:00, you can't miss that...I understand the Flying Wheels team plans on keeping everyone cool! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Click for a flier / registration

The Water Fight will be a great time. Last I heard there will be five teams from surrounding towns participating. There might even be a women's team, too!

There is a lot of activities for the kids...games, Bounce House, watermelon! Don't forget the pie and ice cream!

Entertainment for the street dance is provided by Blind Dog Fulton. Check out their website for their playlist of songs...plenty of good dance music! Brown Eyed Girl, Mustang Sally, and Pink Houses...plus many more.


Murdock 4th of July Celebration

7 a.m.
• Dillon Synovec Memorial Run - Download a Registration Form . Start and finish at the High School.
• Breakfast at Bulldogs Bar and Grill

10 a.m.
• Line up for the parade at the High School
• Murdock Museum Open until 2 p.m.
• Kids Games on Main Street until around 2 p.m.
• Bounce House sponsored by EMMA and EM Baseball

11 a.m.
• Lion's Club Lunch

After the Parade...
• WATER FIGHTS!! Watch our fire fighting units battle it out the old fashioned way!
• Free Watermelon served by the 4-H Club
• Pie and Ice Cream Social at the United Methodist Church
• Softball Games
• Enjoy good old-fashioned 4th of July fun all day and into the evening

8 p.m.
• Street Dance at Bulldogs Bar and Grill

Click for a flier / registration


The Village of Manley is asking for donations of any clean, working or fixable items to be auctioned. Proceeds will be applied toward the development of the Manley Community Building (Manley School) which is available for anyone for parties or meetings, etc. Monetary donations also accepted. For more information and free pick up, call Betty Meyer 402-234-5232.


Marti Ita Update:

According to Kris's update on Caring Bridges Marti was up walking with a walker today! She had some friends visit and they painted her toenails. She thanked everyone for the cards, Marti is really enjoying them. If you would like to send Marti a card her address is:

Creighton Medical Center
c/o Martina Ita room 4305
601 N 30th st
Omaha, Ne 68131

Hopefully this will be changing soon to a more local address!!


Missoula Children's Theater Event a Success

For the fourth straight year, the Lofte Community Theatre near Manley and Home State Bank of Louisville hosted a summer residency of the Missoula Children's Theatre. The two visiting directors, Lissa Supler of California and Tabatha Bettin of New York, arrived at the Lofte in a little red truck stuffed with the scripts, props, scenery and costumes required for the musical, "The Pied Piper." Supler and Bettin were greatly surprised on Monday morning to find that eighty-five children had arrived to audition for sixty roles. This was the largest group of children to have ever auditioned for a Lofte production.

After the audition process, sixty-five children received assignments for the available spots in the cast and crew. Some of the lead roles were played by Tucker Flodman of Eagle, Natalie Knott of Louisville, Zierra Flodman of Eagle and Ben Kirchner of Palmyra. The children rehearsed for four hours each day for the entire week of June 15-19. During that time, the actors learned their lines, songs and blocking, but more than that, they learned self-confidence. The few adults, who were around to supervise that week, also enjoyed seeing how this group of kids made new friends so easily, and appreciated how the older ones automatically assumed a leadership role in helping the first and second graders.

Saturday, June 21 was the moment of truth. After a week of rehearsal and 390 sack lunches the children debuted "The Pied Piper" for an eager audience. They performed two times that day; 3pm and 6pm. In total, the kids performed in front of nearly 500 people. None of the actors seemed intimidated by the size of the crowd, and both of the shows went off with no obvious mistakes.

In the end, the Missoula directors thanked Home State Bank of Louisville for sponsoring their summer residency at the Lofte for the fourth straight year. They also thanked John and Lynn Plucknett of Louisville for hosting them in the Plucknett home during their visit. Then the scenery came down, the costumes were packed and the little red truck was once again filled to the gills with the trappings of live theater. The next stop for these directors was Sioux City where they would start the process all over again.


Natalie Knott of Louisville has her stage make-up applied by Director, Lissa Supler. Ms. Supler recently graduated from Cal State Fullerton and has a degree in theater with a directing emphasis. (Natalie is the daughter of former Elmwood-Murdock School nurse, Joan Knott.)


Rebecca Sheldon and Kabrianna Mumford of Elmwood just moments before their "Pied Piper" debut.


Flying Wheels Update!

Starting next week we'll change our days to Thursdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays seem to be a slow day but Thursdays and Saturdays are busy! This Thursday is Party Day! There will be party games and cake for everyone. And don't forget the piñatas! They are stuffed and ready to break!

We will be closed on the 4th of July. We'll be kickin' up our heels at the street dance!

Saturday, July 11th will be a SKATE/DANCE/DODGE - 6:30 - Midnight!


Saturday, July 18th
Registration 10:30 - Games start at 11:00

6 people per team
$6.00 per person for Early Registration
$7.00 per person if registering that day
Tell your kids! Tell your friends! Put your teams together and register now! No age limits!
$2 admission to watch

We'll get the website updated as soon as Jacob is home from the FBLA trip to Anaheim!!! So check out www.flyingwheelsrocks.com soon!!!
(Jacob, call me when you get home, we have lots of updates!)



Joe and I went to the Carp-O-Rama at Pawnee Lake sponsored by the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission. It was supposed to be from 8:00 - 1:00 so Joe and I arrived promptly at 8:00. Unfortunately the other 266 people who came got up much earlier and got the best fishing spots. We checked out the displays that the rangers had set up first. They had a stand for kids to practice shooting an arrow at a fish target to simulate bow fishing. They had a booth set up where they were giving away carp bait which is dough ball or corn. And they had instructions for how to fish for carp and where to fish. They had baited the lake so the fish were ready for us. We saw people carrying huge carp up to the fish cleaning stand. Joe's friend, Stan Krause, was in charge of demonstrating how to clean fish.

Finally we made our way to the lake and wormed our way into the crowd...total pun intended. I don't have a fishing license so I was just along to tote and carry. Joe fished and fished and I froze. I thought it would be hot but it was dark and cloudy and it even sprinkled on us. He didn't even get a nibble but we saw a couple other people reel some fish in.

It was a good time but we decided we would come back sometime when there weren't so many people. We both noticed how nice the rangers were though. They helped people get started with fishing and gave advice on how to catch carp. Contrary to popular belief you don't use a bobber when fishing for carp. Carp are bottom feeders so they want your bait to be on the bottom. We sampled the fish at the fish fry, too. It was tasty but some was quite spicy! Whew!!!!

Archery practice

Stan Krause cleaning fish.

Joe, looks like the lone fisherman, but he's not!

There were lots of people fishing!


A Mystery for You...

We received an email from someone who had an old postcard dated 1913. It was a picture of devastation after a tornado. The postmark is Nebraska but the city is not clear. Someone had written "Murdock" in pencil on the postcard. The picture side of the card shows the devastation in the town from the tornado. The sender - who's name is not clear (written in pencil " ) says at the end of the card "school in the basement of a church as the school is blown away". The person sending the email was wondering if anyone could confirm that a tornado devastated Murdock in 1913. Let me know if you have some information about this.



Was that Marilyn Monroe at the Rink?
Close, it was Nicole with a new hair do...and she is looking fine!




Results of the 1st Annual Tyler Eggert Memorial Baseball Tournament

Eight teams from Ashland, Eagle, Elmwood Murdock North, Elmwood Murdock South, Louisville, Murray, Springfield, and Valparaiso participated in the tournament. After a long but fun day Elmwood-Murdock North won the tournament. Despite the occasional rain shower the fans hung in and enjoyed the games. The volunteers sold brats, burgers, pop, treats, and shirts. If you missed out on the shirts you can still get one! Contact Annette Eggert for more information.

Tyler Eggert's little brother throws a pitch!

Alyssa Brown, Lauren, Jordan, and Teri Bowman, Jessica Brockhoff

Annette and Mike Eggert - Tyler's parents - the driving force behind the tournament

Elmwood Murdock North - the winners!


Plenty of drinks for everyone! The tanks were cold and full!


Michele Fortney shows off the shirts! Only $10!


Derek Bornemeier enjoys some taffy.


Hannah Justesen and Laura Fortney were a lifesaver to Cindy Backemeyer in the concessions stand.


Sara Dreamer rallies the crowds and dodges raindrops.



We are Not Alone

Nicole Folden relayed a story to me that happened to her on Saturday. She was volunteering at the Tyler Eggert Memorial Baseball Tournament but needed to run an errand to Walgreens in Omaha. So she took a break to run her errand. While in line waiting to pay for her items the cashier noticed Nicole's blue tournament shirt. The cashier was an elderly woman who probably should have been home playing with her grandchildren. She recognized Tyler's name. And her face saddened. She remembered. As she waited for Nicole's receipt to print she asked her about the tournament and Nicole told her what it was about. The woman slowly reached into her pocket and took out her coin purse. She told Nicole there was so much sadness in our area. Everyone was praying for the friends and families of the kids who had been hurt or killed. As she handed Nicole her receipt she also took out the only bills she had in her coin purse, two one dollar bills, and gave them to Nicole and asked her to add it to the memorial fund. It was her small way of giving to us. It may have been the last two dollars she had until payday. It may have been a tiny part of a large fortune. No one knows. But when she gave that money to Nicole she thought she was giving all she had to give. What she doesn't realize is that she gave so much more than her money. She may have thought she was just giving us a monetary contribution but more importantly than that she let us know that people are praying for us. For the families, for the friends, for the school, for the kids, for the town. They are praying that we make sense of all the tragedies and that we persevere. That we will never forget and we honor the kids with the baseball tournament, with a marathon, with our laughter, with our memories. They are praying that we can go forward without fear, without regret, and live our lives to the fullest because that's what we've got to do. We are not alone. People everywhere are praying for us. And He is listening.


Be careful with the fireworks! If you must blow things up please do it safely! Buckle up and have a safe weekend!


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