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O's Produce

is Open for Business!

Sweet corn - cucumbers - onions

zucchini - new potatoes - bell peppers

Home Grown Tomatoes in less than 10 days!

sweetcorncucumber cantaloupezucchini


312 North 4th Street
Fridays - 9:00 - 4:00

You might be able to catch Owen at the Farmer's Market at CD's

Express on Saturday mornings, too.

Owen Kunz, the "O" of O's Produce, has been selling produce for

several years now.  His grandmother, Sharon Kunz, has been Owen's

assistant and mentor in his venture.  What they don't grow in their

own garden they buy from another vegetable vendor by Yutan. 

Owen has his own scales that he uses to measure your purchases and

adds up your total with a little help from Grandma.  Owen will be a

seventh grader this year at Elmwood-Murdock Junior High School. 

He is very personable and loves to talk to people.  He is a natural

salesman so if you stop by his stand be prepared to come away with

some delicious fresh fruits and vegies!  We've been eating his corn,

potatoes, cucumbers, and melons this week.  Yum!  I can't wait for

the tomotoes!  Owen also has watermelon, canteloupe, onions, and zucchini.


Owen, the salesman.


Owen's order pad.


Owen and Grandma Sharon fill an order.


Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

The Murdock Lions Club is selling Colorado peaches again this year.

These are really good peaches. Ask anyone
who has bought them

before. They are $29 a lug (25 lbs.). Get your order in and paid for

by August 1st. Call Charley Todd at 867-2971 or Gladys Sunde at

867-3292. The peaches should arrive around the middle of August.


The Garrett Brummer

DODGEBALL Tournament

Saturday, July 18th

11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Early registration - $6 Registration day of - $7

Admission to watch - $2

6 people per team - no age restrictions

Play at your own risk!

(Looking for adults to be line judges!!  Call me!)


Local Fireman Practice

The Elmwood Fire Department did a controlled burn last Sunday.

Several new recruits got an opportunity to try out the skills they

learned at training.  Jacob Blunt, Jordyn Vogt and Derek

Stubbendeck got more 

than their feet wet.




Boy, The Bull Around Elmwood...


On the way to work the other day several motorists had to deal with quite the

bull.  Literally.  The bull had escaped on Highway 34.  Luckily Lonnie Rorie came

along and had a show down with the bull.  He managed to get him off of the

highway so the traffic could pass.  But the bull was not happy at all!



The Art Chicks in Louisville has been a gathering place for girlfriends for years.  It's a place where women are

celebrated.  Gabbing is encouraged and chocolate is a necessity.  It's a place where women are understood and their

wants are indulged.  Laughter and giddiness is a daily event.  Feather boas, gloves, hats, and beads are at your

disposal.  You can be as frilly as you want, as girly as you can be, and no one will make fun of you.
Having said all that you are thinking of which friends you would like to invite to go with you to the Art Chicks.  Maybe

you should think outside the box and think which friend would be crazy enough to go into business with me and buy

the Art Chicks?  It's for sale and you may be just the person they are looking for.  Stop in if you have questions.  They

would love to share their experiences with you.

Plenty of Family Fun

at the Rink this Weekend!

Thursday afternoons are great for kids and moms!  It's a good time to get together with your

friends and gab.  It's a good time for the kids, too.


Ariel & Atticus


Noah, Tonya, and John


The kids make some crafts.


Karly Andersen


Shay shows off her new hair do!


Garyn pulls ALL of the kids around.


Grandma Suzie gets a squeeze.

Friday night was guest DJ night and family night.  Randy Drewel, A Lasting Impression DJ service,

volunteered to come out and play for us.  He loves the kids and can really cut loose and have a great

time.  His girlfriend, Nikki, helped run the music while Randy played with the kids.  The guitar contest

was smoking hot.


Noah in the Air Guitar Contest.


Danielle gives it her best shot!!


John rocks!


Josiah thinks he's going to win!


Noah gives Randy some pointers.


Raynee and Noah wait for the Limbo!


Kaylee wins the Air Guitar contest!  Randy presents her with her prize.


Randy and Josiah keep on rockin'.


Chelsea wins the limbo the right way!  With skill!!


Ben with mom, Angie, enjoys the lights and sounds of the rink.


The family cheers on the kids during limbo.


Do they ever stop?  Nope.

Saturday night was a little slow but we managed to keep busy!  Besides skating, dancing, and

dodgeball, we managed to play red light/green light, sharks and the minnows, and capture the flag.

It was a great time to practice for the dodgeball tournament next Saturday.

Elmwood, NE Water Tank Burst and Flood, Mar 1902
Posted July 4th, 2008 by Audrey


Wooden Water Tank Bursts Letting Loose 30,000 Gallons.

ELMWOOD, Neb. March 26--(Special) Elmwood was visited with a miniature deluge yesterday. Just a minute or two before the school bell for noon rang, the large wooden water tank belonging to the city, holding 30,000 gallons of  water and full to the top, built on a steel tower fifty feet high, burst with a report that could be heard for nearly a mile and in almost less than a minute the water was all on the ground, washing out gardens wherever it crossed them. The tank was built about five years ago. It burst on account of the steel bands that were clamped about it rusting through, all of them breaking but two. The tank is a total wreck, but the tower is uninjured. The village board met last night in special session to ask for bids on a steel tank placed on the old tower or a standpipe. No danger is apprehended from lack of water in case of fire, as the village has two good wells with gasoline engines and pumps attached, that will pump water as fast as two lines of hose can take it. The tank burst on all sides and the water made a pretty sight as it rushed out, almost equalling a view of Niagara Falls. The roof of an implement shed filled with implements belonging to William Mueller, was crushed in by the weight of the falling water. It could hardly have occurred at a more opportune time. Had school been out some of the children would surely have been hurt, as many pass close by on their way to and from school.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 30 Mar 1902


 Annette Eggert is having a closeout on t-shirts.  They are $5 per shirt and supplies are limited.  Hurry and place your order now!

Type of shirt:  34 3 Angels 4 Ever

Sizes available:  Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XLarge, (just a few), No Adult XXL

Type of shirt:  Tyler Eggert 1st Annual Baseball Memorial Tournament

Sizes available:  No Youth, No Adult Small - Only Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL, and Adult XXL

Give Annette a call if you want a shirt:  402-490-9959

She may even deliver!!  (but not in the Tahoe...did you hear Mike was using the Tahoe to move some hay bales and they caught on fire and the Tahoe burned up!)


Send me your events for the Elmwood calendar!!!  Church events, upcoming school events, auctions, sales, anniversaries, birthdays, etc....I'll get them posted for you!!


Reality Check:  You know the commercials for diet pills or diet food and they say "If you lose more then 10 pounds in 10 days discontinue use."  Get real.  If I lost more than 10 pounds in 10 days using a product like that I would take twice as much.  Wouldn't you?



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