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As you all know Marti Ita was in a car accident on May 30th. Her mother, Kris, has a page at www.caringbridge where she keeps us updated on Marti's progress. If you would like to see frequent updates on Marti's progress check out www.caringbridge.org. The website entry name is: martinaita (no spaces). You will see by reading the updates that God is watching over Marti. She is a very special girl and needs our prayers.



Vacation --- No, Staycation ---
No, it was a Workcation!

Our vacation quickly became a workcation. Vince and I took the week off to go to the family reunion and then we worked at the rink all week long. My parents stayed to help along with a good friend, Richard Hyde. Vince and Richard sanded the skating rink floor on Tuesday. Wednesday Vince and Lou made a quick trip to Kansas City for the Rinkcote product we needed. While they roadtripped mom and dad and Richard and I cleaned the floor. It was a day long project! Every bit of sawdust had to be swept or mopped up. Richard and I also put down permanent dodgeball lines so no more blue painters tape for lines! Thursday we put the Rinkcote down and waited for it to dry.

My dad isn't one to sit around waiting for Rinkcote to dry. He noticed the south exterior wall of the rink was bowed out. So the men removed the siding and repaired the wall. I garage saled. And mom cleaned. Then I painted and painted. Thanks to everyone who helped us through this week. My parents were great! We couldn't have done it without them. Richard was a trooper, too. And without Lou's help we would have floundered. The hard part is over but we aren't done. There is more wall to be replaced, more walls to paint, and now bricks to be laid.


Sanding project


Siding project


Lou rolling on new floor


Finished floor


Painted walls

For more pictures of the Rink Remodeling Project click here: http://picasaweb.google.com/flyingwheelsrocks2/RinkRemodeling2009#


The family reunion at Platte River State Park was the best! Every two years our family congregates at the park for a few days. We fish, play games, hike, ride horses, and eat. Mostly it seems like we eat. We had an old fashioned fish fry just like Grandma used to put on for us. Cousins Paula and Marcy created a scavenger hunt for us. We had two teams and were given a list of things to accomplish in one hour. We had to document each thing with a photo. For example, we had to start a dance in a parking lot with the whole team and get three strangers to join in. We had to get a picture with the team around a fire hydrant, extra points if they were all lifting a leg! We had to have the whole team hanging from a tree or play equipment. Bonus points for team members over 50! The other team had two people over 50 who PRETENDED to be hanging but were really not...but because of this they took the lead and beat our team. We aren't bitter...but the Anderson/McKinney Team demand a rematch from the Lampe Team in 2011!!!

We had family pictures taken, also. Tammy Brummer came out to the park and ordered us around and managed to take some darn fine pictures of my crazy family.


Descendents of the Ashcraft Sisters


If you would like to see pictures of the 2009 Ashcraft Family Reunion click on the link below.

Day 1 - http://picasaweb.google.com/jmander99/AshcraftFamilyReunion2009Day1#
Day 2 - http://picasaweb.google.com/jmander99/AshcraftFamilyReunion2009Day2#
Family Pictures - http://picasaweb.google.com/jmander99/FamilyPhotosByTammy#
Scavenger Hunt Team Lampe - http://picasaweb.google.com/jmander99/AshcraftFamilyReunion2009ScavengerHuntLampeTeamWinnersButTheyCheated#
Scavenger Hunt Team Anderson/McKinney - http://picasaweb.google.com/jmander99/AshraftFamilyReunion2009ScavengerHuntAndersonMcKinneyTeam#


Have you met the new guy at the Bank?

He is new yet not as new to Elmwood as you might think. Andy Clements is the fourth generation Clements to work at the American Exchange Bank. His Great Grandfather, Guy, opened the bank and then his son, Dwight, took it over. Now his sons, Rob and Rick Clements manage the facility. Andy is Rob's boy. Most people in Elmwood probably watched Andy grow up and now he has returned to Elmwood with his family. Andy and his wife, Casey, have three boys, Josiah, 9, Ethan, 6, and Samuel, 3. Josiah's initials are J.A.C. so his nickname is Jac. The family bought a house on north 4th street between the Drake's and the Baker's. What a perfect neighborhood! The boys will have playmates right next door.

Besides working at the bank Andy is a licensed Insurance Agent. He assists his father, Rob, with Clements Insurance Agency, which was also started by his Great Grandfather, Guy Clements.  Clements Insurance Agency is an Independent Insurance Agency serving Elmwood and the surrounding area since 1919. They offer auto, home, farm, crop, business, life, and health insurance.

If you see the new Clements family around town be sure to say "Hi, and welcome (back) to Elmwood!"



Garage Sale Mania!

There were so many great garage sales this weekend. Many of them had food so we ate our way across town...and one of the best places was in Shay Campbell's front yard! Shay was hard at work but Mom got tuckered out. It's funny how a little thing like having a garage sale can cause us to curl up in a fetal position sucking our thumbs.


Shay is ready to serve her hot dogs!


Brook is taking a break!



The Stylist Next Dorr
Stacey Dorr - Owner/Stylist
Specializing in:

1860 310th Street
Elmwood, NE
Call for an Appointment!




1st Annual Tyler Eggert Memorial Baseball Tournament
Saturday, June 27th, 2009
Elmwood and Murdock Baseball Fields

We need Volunteers for the following areas:
Starting at 7:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.
Two hour shifts for:

- 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. - set up
- Grill workers
- Concession stand workers
- Pop and t-shirt table workers
- Score keepers
Other Duties:
- Garbage Duty
- Bathroom Duty
This will count towards your working requirement for your little league baseball deposit.

Donation items being sought include:
- Empty ice cream buckets for freezing ice
- Cookies, brownies, and bars (pre-bagged)

Please contact Cindy Backemeyer at phone: 402-994-4205 or email cbackemeyer@esu3.org


Take Dad out for Father's Day weekend at the Testicle Festival at Round-the-Bend Steakhouse


Friday and Saturday - June 19th and 20th
5:00pm - 12:30 am
Admission at the gate: $5
Serving: Big Fat Buns with Burgers, Giant Weiners, Mouth Watering Beef/Pork Combo Nuts.

Breakaway will be performing both nights!!!
9pm - 1am

The dining room at RTBS will be closed during the Testicle Festival. RTBS will also be closed on Father's Day, Sunday, June 22nd.
Don't forget to buy your commemorative 2009 RTBS Testicle Festival T-shirt!!

Round-the-Bend Steakhouse is located just west of South Bend. If coming from Omaha or Lincoln take Interstate 80 to the Mahoney Exit and go 3 miles south on Highway 66 to Round-the-Bend Steakhouse.




Cass County Department of Roads has been awarded a Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grant for 250 tons of scrap tires. The collection is funded by Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and managed by Cass County Department of Roads.

June 22nd - 27th
Two locations will be available for drop off this year:

Site 1 - Cass County Recycle Center located at 13780 12th Street, Plattsmouth, NE

Site 2 - Cass County Shop located at 220 West B Street, Elmwood, NE

Hours for collection will be Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Questions, please call (402) 296-9165

Cass County residents may drop off tires not mounted on rims at no charge upt to the first 250 tons of scrap tires. Individuals bringing tires will be required to supply the following information: Name, Address, phone number, an accurate number of tires being dropped off and the location where the tires are being brought in from. Individuals must also be prepared to unload their own vehicles.


Progress at the School

Mr. Lake was kind enough to offer Joe and I a tour of the school. We were at the school for the sale and it was a perfect opportunity. It is still a construction zone but you can see how it is coming together.


Click here to see the other pictures of the tour. http://picasaweb.google.com/flyingwheelsrocks2/SchoolRemodelingProjectAsOfJune14th#



A man from Schulyer lost his beloved dog in our town. He has been driving around for days looking for her. If anyone has seen Lucy please call him. They are heartbroken!



Cheerleaders are Raising Money!

The Elmwood-Murdock cheerleaders showed their spirit on Saturday as they lured people into their carwash. They are raising money for new uniforms.


Rebecca Fortney, Rachel Fortney, Tori Spellman, and Breann Ross.


More details next week on garage saling, workcation, 4th of July in Murdock, and whatever else I can find in local news. I have much to tell you and many pictures to share. Just little time this week!

Take care and see you at Marti's game!



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