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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

January 3, 2018


The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at the Elmwood Village Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.   Chairperson Wray stated that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was posted, and that additional meeting documents were available to guests. Roll Call was answered by Pat Wray, Julie Anderson, Brandon Collins, Trenton Shrader, and Miki Bruns. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”. A copy of the proof of publication, as well as the Chairperson and Trustees’ acknowledgement of receipt of notice, are on file.  Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by posting in three (3) public places (the Post Office, Village Office, and Elmwood Convenience Store).  Minutes were taken by Connie Carlton, Clerk/Treasurer.


Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Shrader to approve the minutes of the December 20, 2017 Board Meeting as presented; with second by Bruns. RCV: Yes: Bruns, Shrader, Collins, Anderson, Wray; No: None.  Motion approved 5-0. 


Approval of Claims for Payment: American Exchange Bank $5,000.00 (January Street Loan); Cass County Refuse $65.00 (Dec 2017 Refuse Service); Connie Carlton $34.00 (Postage Reimbursement); Elmwood Convenience Store $10.69 (Supplies - Water);  Elmwood  Public Library $1,666.67 (Jan Monthly Transfer); JEO Consulting Group $1,000.00 (2017 Street Superintendent Services/Road Program); One Call Concepts, Inc. $20.40 (Utility Locate Service); OPPD $3,718.16 (Nov-Dec 2017 Electricity Expense); Payroll $2,552.32 (Dec 27th Payroll); US Postal Service $302.00 (Postage); Windstream $143.98 (Nov-Dec 2017 Telephone Expense). Motion by Bruns with second by  Anderson to approve the claims for payment. RCV: Yes: Shrader, Collins, Anderson, Bruns, Wray; No: None. Motion approved 5-0.


New Business: 1. Recall Petition for Pat Wray, Chairperson: Pat Wray - “The recall petition is asking that I resign.  I will not resign, and will give my current Board the opportunity to follow the procedure for a recall election.” Motion by Collins to hold a special recall election within the guidelines specified; with second by Shrader.  RCV: Yes: Bruns, Shrader, Collins, Anderson; No: None. Abstain: Wray. Motion approved 4-0.  2. Establishment of Goals for 2018: A. Mainstreet development and seeking sustainable businesses. B. Next Phase of Park Reconstruction.  C. Establish a vision group with the school board, both village boards, and area businesses, including both community banks, to create a marketing strategy for Elmwood, Murdock, and EM Schools.  D. Syracuse Hospital Outclinic.  E. Dignified Assisted Living Facility.  F.  Community Center assistance.  G.  “B” Street Drainage Project and resurfacing.  H. Update Comprehensive Plan.  3. Discussion/action of Ordinance No. 2018-17 for Repeal and Replacement of Water/Sewer Hook-Up fees on new construction homes: Motion by Shrader with second by Bruns to table the Ordinance No. 2018-17 until next meeting. RCV: Yes: Collins, Anderson, Shrader, Bruns, and Wray; No: None. Motion approved 5-0.  4.  Discussion/Action of Comprehensive Plan update.  JEO Consulting Group will be contacted regarding costs.  5.  Discussion/Action of Tort Claims filed by Tim/Cathy Callaway and Terry Bevans.  Motion by Shrader to deny the tort claims filed by Tim/Cathy Callaway and Terry Bevans; with second by Collins.  RCV: Yes: Shrader, Collins, Anderson, Wray; No: None; Abstain: Bruns. Motion approved 4-0.


Unfinished Business:  1. Discussion/action to appoint Health Board Members and Animal Health Board will be postponed until February meeting. 2. Discussion/action on Holiday Extravaganza Christmas Candy Reimbursement to Fire Dept:  Motion by Bruns with second by Anderson to reimburse the Fire Dept for Christmas Candy in the amount of $257.28 for the Holiday Extravaganza.  RCV: Yes: Shrader, Collins, Bruns, Anderson, Wray; No: None. Motion approved 5-0.  3.  Discussion/action of Public Comment Period Rules will be tabled until further information is obtained.  4. Discussion of Ordinance Book Recodification:  The Board will hold a Workshop on January 24th at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall to discuss changes including the bidding process, and whether Board members should be allowed to serve on two boards at the same time.


REPORTS OF BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES: Street:  Ordering rock chips -  Motion by Trent to purchase rock chips up to $800.00 to be delivered; with second by Bruns. RCV: Yes: Collins, Shrader, Bruns, Anderson, Wray. No: None. Motion approved.  Snowplow skid  repair – Motion by Collins with second by Bruns to repair snowplow skid, not to exceed $350.00. RCV: Yes: Anderson, Collins, Shrader, Bruns, Wray; No: None. Motion approved. Park: A meeting with the NRD will be rescheduled.  Library:  No Report. Water: A pressure switch problem at the water plant has been rewired.  Water plant requires further updates. The water tower report is available for review and will be distributed to the board members. Sewer:  The No. 3 jet pump relay abnormality  – Motion by Shrader with second by Anderson to approve diagnostic testing by Loren Miller to investigate abnormal relay.  RCV: Yes: Bruns, Anderson, Shrader, Collins, Wray. No: None. Motion approved 5-0.  Planning/Zoning:  Bill Connour spoke for the Planning Committee regarding Conditional Use Permit is needed for Gonzalo and Serena Romero to begin the process for commercial to residential housing.  No permit has been received to date.  A letter will be sent to them regarding this; in addition to having Gonzalo and Serena Romero submit a separate building permit for a deck to be added to their remodeled home.  The Planning Committee approves of a 15 ft setback for the stairs to be built.  Then regarding tiny homes – Trailers are not allowed in the Village of Elmwood, and therefore no tiny homes would be allowed.  Michael Hromanik has to date not cleared debris from demolition at 117 East D Street.  A letter will be sent in follow-up.


Public Comment Period:  1.  The first speaker was not in favor of Ordinance No. 2018-17 due to the fact that future water and sewer repairs need to be made, and the funds could go to pay for the repairs.  It is his personal opinion that it is not much of an incentive.  2.  A resident commented that only immediate family members or the owner could live within a commercial


property that housed a business.  3.  A resident discussed the care of feral cats in the village. They care for them by feeding, spaying or neutering, and vet care.  They would like to see a policy regarding the feral cat population.  The Board directed them to the current animal ordinance.  They recently had taken a cat that required vet care, and found out it had been shot.  They are wanting to know what to do regarding cats being shot in the Village limits.


Personnel:  Will review procedures from other villages for conducting employee evaluations.

- 2 –

Future Agenda Items:  1. Update Fee Ordinance Schedule.  2. Results of village surveys regarding wants and needs for future businesses.  3. Further review of public comment period. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:14 p.m.  I, the undersigned Clerk/Treasurer hereby certify the foregoing is a summary of all matters discussed at the January 3rd meeting of the Board of Trustees, and was available to the public within ten working days. All proceedings were contained in the agenda for at least twenty-four hours prior to said meeting.


_________________________________                ____________________________________


Connie Carlton, Clerk            /Treasurer                              Pat Wray, Chairperson


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