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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

May 4, 2016


The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in Regular Session with Trustees Anderson and Krass present with Vice-Chairperson Wray presiding. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Vice-Chairperson Wray declared the “Open Meeting Act” posted. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”. Visitors present included: Ryan Anderson, Robert Clements, Jean Reinke, Jack Hovick, Chris Rejcha, Rick Hawke, Eugenia Bornemeier, Terry Carlton, Keith Wynegar, Ben Kastens, and David Spohr. Ed Blunt and Connie Carlton were also present.


Motion by Krass to approve the minutes of the April 20, 2016 Village of Elmwood Board meeting as presented; second by Anderson. Vote: Yes: All, No. None. Motion carried.


REPORTS OF BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES: Streets: Motion by Krass to approve an additional $2,500.00 for street crack sealing by Hein Construction LLC; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion carried. Park: The spring toys are back in place after refurbishing. Library: Motion by Anderson to approve the claims as presented for payment; second by Krass. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion carried.. Water: Six year pesticide test completed this week; no results yet. Sewer: UV lights were installed. Composite sample to be completed. Maintenance Supervisor will attend classes next week.


Unfinished Business: Village Insurance Policy Renewal – Motion by Anderson to approve an additional $500,000 liability coverage at the cost of $300 to the annual policy with Clements Insurance Co.; second by Krass. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion carried. Nuisance Property Update: David Spohr has acquired the deeds to the Sailors’ properties. He would like the Village to stop progression of the village cleanup for June 7th; and motion that the properties would be rezoned for commercial use. SENDD will be contacted for advisement of how the Village will proceed.


New Business: Building Permit for Elmwood Christian Church addition – Motion by Anderson, 2nd by Krass, to approve the building permit for the Elmwood Christian Church addition. Vote: Yes: All, No: None; motion carried. A new outbuilding permit for Keith Wynegar at 121 West C Street will be reviewed at the next meeting when more information is available. The Baseball Association is looking to update baseball field concession/restrooms; in planning stages now. Pat Wray, Vice-Chairperson, read a letter from Curt Wilhelm, Chairperson, regarding recent issues. The letter may be read in its entirety at elmwoodnebraska.com. The recycling bins at the park have been removed until further notice. Pet License Update includes 94 dogs and 40 cats licensed at this time. Reminders to license will be sent.


Presentation of Claims for Payment: Ak-Sar-Ben Pipe & Sewer Cleaning Co. $852.50 (Jet main @ 3rd/A); American Exchange Bank $5,000 (street loan); Cass County Refuse $65.00 (April refuse service); Clements Insurance Agency $10,136.00 (2016-17 annual insurance policy); Elmwood Public Library $1,664.09 (May monthly allotment); HTM Sales, Inc. $4,875.54 (sewer pump); League of NE Municipalities $348.00 (2016 Municipal Accounting/Finance Conference);




Page 2 – May 4, 2016 Minutes Cont.


NE Dept of Revenue $678.20 (2016 Form 941N); OPPD $3,292.16 (Mar-Apr Electricity Expense); May 4th Payroll $2,958.04; Rice’s Auto Repair $107.00 (repair 1994 Chevy pickup exhaust); Utility Service Group $2,196.47 (water tower maintenance contract); Windstream $141.11 (Mar-Apr telephone expense). Motion by Anderson to approve the claims as presented; second by Krass. Vote: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m.





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Connie Carlton, Clerk  /Treasurer                           Pat Wray, Vice-Chairperson

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