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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

March 2, 2016


The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in Regular Session with Trustees Allgayer, Anderson, Krass and Wray present with Chairperson Wilhelm presiding. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Chairperson Wilhelm declared the “Open Meeting Act” posted. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”. Visitors present included: Terry Carlton, Jack Hovick, Jean Reinke, Eugenia Bornemeier, Brenda Vogt, Ben Kastens, and Sam Mandolfo, . Ed Blunt and Connie Carlton were also present. Motion by Krass to approve the minutes of the February 17, 2016 Regular Board Meeting as presented; second by Wray. Vote: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.


REPORTS OF BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES: Streets: A letter was received from homeowner at 327 East F St (new construction) regarding road conditions. It was decided that the road would be rocked when construction was complete; homeowner will be notified. Park: Trash barrels are needed at the park; donation of barrels w/lids were offered, and they will be painted. Library: No Report. Water: Brenda Vogt spoke regarding her water bill; stated she had a plumber fix some drips and a stool at her home, and realized a $40 savings this month on her water bill due to the repairs. She stated that she phoned Ed three times on the village cell phone in regards to water issues. Sewer: A 24-hour composite test will be completed next week. Planning/Zoning: Ben Kastens of the Planning Commission clarified accessory building requirements as noted: Most Homes in the Village are zoned R1 or R2 with no accessory building to be 1800 sq ft; R1 lots at 50 x 165 can build up to a 900 sq ft accessory building; R2 lots 100 x 165 may erect up to a 1200 sq ft accessory building pending Planning Commission recommendation and Board of Trustees approval. Special Meeting February 18, 2016 held to review the Village of Elmwood Blight Study, and to make recommendations regarding an application for construction of a Verizon cell phone tower to be located within the village one-mile jurisdiction, which was filed by KGI Wireless.


Unfinished Business: Trustee Anderson introduced ANIMAL ORDINANCE No. 2016-002 – AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE NO. 309 OF THE ELMWOOD MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADD DEFINITIONS, CLARIFY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANIMALS OWNED, ADD REQUIREMENTS FOR CAT AND DOG OWNERS, ADD CONSEQUENCES OF LICENSED OR UNLICENSED CATS OR DOGS RUNNING AT LARGE WITH ASSOCIATED PENALTIES, AND TO PROVIDE FOR THE EFFECTIVE DATE THEREOF. Chairperson Wilhelm asked for public comment; Jean Reinke spoke in opposition to the ordinance referencing the total number of animals set at four. Motion by Allgayer to approve third reading of Animal ORDINANCE NO. 2016-002; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: Allgayer, Krass, Anderson, Wray, Wilhelm. No: None. Motion approved. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, approval, and publication according to law, and all prior versions of the municipal code sections amended herein are hereby repealed. PASSED AND APPROVED this 2nd day of March, 2016. Discussion on options for Cell Phone Policy for public employees. It was suggested that research be conducted on the topic; Chairperson Wilhelm suggested getting rid of the Village cell phone, and that employees be reimbursed for use of their personal phones for Village business. The Master Fee Schedule ORDINANCE NO. 2016-003 was reviewed for changes and will be finalized at the March 17th meeting.


New Business: KGI Wireless submitted application for the construction of a Verizon cell phone tower to be constructed within the one mile jurisdiction of the Village of Elmwood. Motion by Wray to approve the cell phone tower application; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All; No: None; motion approved. Chairperson Wilhelm and Trustee Anderson attended the Murdock Board meeting on Tuesday, March 1 to discuss combining water/wastewater maintenance with nearby surrounding villages. They will attend Eagle Village Board meeting March 21 for same discussion. It was noted that in 2011, Peoples Service bid $68,700/yr to maintain Elmwood water/wastewater systems or $52,000/yr for water only; current bids will be obtained. The Board discussed placing signage at new brush dump as people are dumping in unspecified areas.


Presentation of Claims for Payment: American Exchange Bank $5,000.00 (street loan); Cass County Refuse $65.00 (Febr refuse service); Connie Carlton $178.72 (postage, office supplies, education meeting expense, new office phone, software); D.R. Ortlieb Trucking $337.75 (rock hauling); Elmwood Public Library $1,664.09 (March monthly allotment); HD Supply Waterworks $112.31 (water curb box); Meeske Ace Hardware $17.52 (wall thermometers – sewer); NE Public Health Environmental Labs $262.00 (pesticides/coliform testing); NE Dept of Revenue $1,349.20 (Jan Sales/Use Tax); OPPD $3,998.18 (Jan-Feb electric expense); Payroll $2,774.20; SENDD $1,002.16 (nuisance abatement); Windstream $42.76 (Jan-Feb telephone expense). Motion by Wray to approve the claims as presented for payment; second by Allgayer. RCV: Yes: All; No: None. Motion approved.


Chairperson Wilhelm indicated the need for the Board to enter into Executive Session to discuss Board Member Conduct During Meetings. The Board went into closed session at 9:00 p.m. and exited Executive Session at 9:12 p.m.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.




_________________________________  ____________________________________

Connie Carlton, Clerk/Treasurer                 Curt Wilhelm, Chairperson

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