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August 5, 2009
The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Fields, & Ernst present and with Chairman Blunt presiding. All signed the "Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting. Bonita Drake, Dan Spaulding, John Trouba, Mike Winter, Bonnie Brewer & James Wolcott, & Butch Sailors were, also, in attendance.
Chairman Blunt declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.
Presentation of the minutes of the July 15, 2009, meeting. Chairman Blunt declared the minutes approved as presented.
Presentation of the Financial Report for July 2009. Motion by Fields, 2nd by Ernst to accept it as presented. RCV: Aye: Ernst, Fields, Blunt; Nay: none; Absent: Ronhovde & Clymer.
Bonnie Brewer and James Wolcott presented a request for funds from the Community Development Fund for the Veteran's Museum. The request included funds for Siding and insulation, landscape trees, and the sidewalk on the east.
Streets: Spaulding reported that the new shop is nearly complete. Clerk Drake presented a request by the Wayne Stubbendeck to close a portion of E Street during his mothers auction on August 15th. It was okayed with the understanding he would check with the businesses effected.
Park: A concern for the safety of the Barrel at the play ground was voiced. It was decided to remove the barrel and replace it with a new piece of equipment next spring.
Library: The treasurer's report for July was available. Budget questions will be discussed during the budget discussion.
SewerReport: John Trouba present to discuss the delay in the letting of the bids for the new plant. Due to an error on his part the Bid Letting will be delayed until September 22nd. Motion by Fields, 2nd by Ernst, to authorize Chairman Blunt to sign a letter requesting an extension of Special Conditions Release of Funds. RCV: Aye: Ernst, Fields, Blunt; Nay: none; Absent: Ronhovde & Clymer.
Community Development: No report
Presentation of the Claims. Federal Withholding $1,447.70; JEO Consulting Group Inc $5,5320; Elmwood Public Library $1,183.33; State of NE Public Health and Environmental Lab $145; American Exchange Bank Collection $10.35; Omaha Public Power $ 3.047.45; Black Hills Energy $76.03; Petty Cash-Bonita Drake $86.09; Vogt T & T Excavating $781; Cass County Refuse $60; Hawkins Water Treatment $405.31; Windstream $96.73; Clements Insurance Agency $165; Constellation Energy $18.43; Don McKinney $17,775; Payroll 7/22/09 $2,877.21. Motion by Ernst, 2nd by Fields to approve the claims as presented and instruct the Treasurer to pay the claims RCV: Aye: Ernst, Fields, Blunt; Nay: none; Absent: Ronhovde & Clymer.
Unfinished Business:
Mike Winter present to discuss the School Sign. Placing it in Commercial Zoning would not be allowed and the location of the building permit has been ruled out. A request to place it in the park would not be a good location so he committee will look into placing it at the school.
Budget discussion: The board approved the amounts budgeted in the presented budget with changes to the allocation to the Library to $16,211; the Community Development will be set at sidewalks on F Street at $40,000, Park equipment $5,000; Plat $1,000; Clean-up $3,000; Museum $2,500 to be used for siding; Attorney fees $5,000.
New Business
No Action
Correspondence included a letter to George Frye SENDD, voicing our concern for the delay in the WWTP. Letter approved for sending by the board.
Personnel issues: Motion to enter executive session by Blunt, 2nd by Ernst at 9:15. Board left executive session at 9:30. No action taken at this time.

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Bonita Drake                    Edward Blunt

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