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June 17, 2009

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Ronhovde, Fields, Clymer, & Ernst present and with Chairman Blunt presiding. All signed the "Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting. Dan Spaulding, John Trouba, Lucus Billsbach, & Butch Sailors were, also, in attendance.
Chairman Blunt declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.
Presentation of the minutes of the June 3, 2009, meeting. Chairman Blunt declared the minutes approved as presented.
The Annual Audit was available for inspection.
John Trouba, SENDD, present to address the release of CDBG Funds.
Introduction of Resolution 61709 Prohibiting the use of Excessive Force. Motion by Fields, 2nd by Ronhovde, to approve Resolution 61709. RCV: Aye: Fields, Ronhovde, Ernst, Clymer, Blunt. Nay: none
Introduction of Resolution 61709-2 Opposing Housing Discrimination. Motion by Ronhovde, 2nd by Fields, to approve Resolution 61709-2 RCV: Aye: Fields, Ronhovde, Ernst, Clymer, Blunt. Nay: none
Authorization signatures on the Request for CDG Grant Funds. Motion by Fields, 2nd by Ronhovde, RCV: Aye: Fields, Ronhovde, Ernst, Clymer, Blunt. Nay: none
Adoption of Procurement Procedures and Code of Conduct. Motion by Adopt by Ernst, 2nd by Clymer. RCV: Aye: Fields, Ronhovde, Ernst, Clymer, Blunt. Nay: none
Other items requiring signatures were: Fair Housing Response Letter; Financial Management Certification; Excessive Force Certification. Items were executed by the Chairman and Clerk. Trouba explained the above items and discussed the need for a special non interest bearing checking account.
Streets: The update on the Shop was given by Spaulding.
Library: The Library Board requested the report on the roof be moved to July 1 meeting.
Park: Ronhovde indicated the lines on the tennis court need to be repainted.
Water: Spaulding reported on back flow.
Sewer: Lucas Billsbach reported on the New Plant with a time line for the bidding process. Permission to advertise July 1; Bid opening July 29; Bid Award August 5.
Community Development: Clean-up Day is on for June 20 8 to 12.
Presentation of the Claims. Great Plains One-Call $3.88; Alltel Cellular $52.30; Nebraska Department of Revenue $576.06; United Systems Technology, Inc. $1,369.45; Midwest Laboratories $199.38; Rembolt/Ludtke $165. Payroll 6/10/09 $3,177.03. Motion by Ernst, 2nd by Clymer, to approve the claims as presented and instruct the Treasurer to pay the claims. RCV: Aye: Ronhovde, Ernst, Fields, Clymer, & Blunt. Nay: none;
Unfinished Business:
A kennel hearing for John Furgerson at 216 West E Street. No complaints had been received. Motion by Ernst, 2nd by Ronhovde, to approve the kennel permit. RCV: Aye: Clymer, Ernst, Fields, Ronhovde; Nay: Blunt. Kennel permit will be issued by the Clerk.
New Business
Building Permits: Motion by Ronhovde, 2nd by Clymer, to approve a patio roof extension for Brenda Vogt. RCV: Aye: Clymer, Ernst, Fields, Ronhovde, Blunt. Nay: none
Correspondence included a letter from the NRD
There being no further business Chairman Blunt declared the meeting adjourned.

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Bonita Drake                       Edward Blunt

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