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November 6, 2019 – 7:00pm


Meeting Held at Elmwood Village Hall


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. Chairperson Miki Bruns stated that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was posted. Roll Call was answered by Becky Kicak, Pay Wray, Dave Ernst, and Miki Bruns.


Ernst made a motion, seconded by Wray to approve the October 16, 2019 Minutes with corrections. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.


Wray made a motion, seconded by Ernst, to approve the payroll and claims. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0. Payroll: $2626.21. Claims: AVG - $149.79, Black Hills Energy - $73.49, Cass County Refuse - $74.00, Cass County Register of Deeds - 10.00, Christiansen Tree Service - $980.00, Clark Enersen Partners - $350.00, Crouch Recreation, Inc: $32,985.00, DHHS, Licensure Unit - $115.00, Elmwood Public Library - $2,000, Greg Drake - $450.00, Meeske Ace Hardware - $49.85, Midwest Farmers Cooperative $1,185.65, Office Depot - $207.46, OPPD - $2,764.71, Rob Gakemeier - $183.01, State Treasurer of Nebraska - $142.74, U.S. Postal Service - $194.00, USABlueBook - $360.50, Windstream - $143.34, WireBuilt Company - $58.00.


New Business


  1. Discussion of D Street was put to next meeting.
  2. The Gazebo is going to be dedicated November 30, 2019 at the holiday extravaganza. Eric Crouch is planning on attending. A person in the community thinks it would be nice to name the Gazebo the Gregoire gazebo. Board agreed that Gazebo should be named after the park and called the Bess Streeter Aldrich Gazebo.
  3. 224 S 4th St for Smith was discussed. Homeowners were requesting to waive surveying the property because of cost. Was discussed that survey pins need to be located to know where the property line is before approval. Need clarification on where exactly fence is going before approval.
  4. Clerk Kristen Janssen explained what the NRD rain scaping program was and that a representative from NRD was willing to come down once program is implemented to explain it better.
  5. Janssen stated that the Village is part of the Elmwood-Murdock Merchants Association and with that comes the use of a permit for mailings. Using this mailing would save the Village about 50% in postage. Motion was made by Wray, seconded by Kicak, to approve using the bulk permit to do water bills. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.
  6. $20,728.00 needs to be transferred to waste water savings account which comes out every year. Kicak made a motion, seconded by Ernst, to approve the transfer of funds after talking with accountant to make sure the transfer is correct. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.
  7. No name was presented for Board Member appointment recommendation
  8. A discussion was had about the park bills that have been coming in for the new gazebo and the market to market relay.
  9. A discussion was had about how Ed Blunt doesn’t want to push snow this year but was willing to do it until December 31st. A notice for bid needs to be put out, but board can reject it if they get someone hired. A motion was made by Wray, seconded by Ernst, to put snow removal out for bid to start in December. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.
  10. Janssen stated that Prairie Technologies at 221 S 4th Street was delinquent on their bill for more than 60 days. Water has been turned off and a lien needs to be put on property to guarantee payment for past bill. A motion was made by Kicak, seconded by Wray, to approve the lien for OT LOTS 8 & 9 BLK 27, Cass County, Elmwood, Nebraska. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.


Unfinished Business


  1. Wray talked to Mick about the tree stump in front of Community Center, but he needed to look at it. Bruns stated that the town doesn’t generally do stump removal. Blunt stated that if the Village removes the stump, they would have to re-concrete the area as well. Wray suggested covering the stump with dirt and allowing it to rot away. Clerk to find original bid for removal to see if stump grinding was included, if not we can get bid for costs.
  2. An estimate came back from Olsson for B Street and was presented for information about how much it would cost to pave.
  3. Discussion was had about Microsoft OneDrive and threat protection. It was discussed about getting a new computer to help with security. It was decided that up to $1,500 could be spent on a new computer.
  4. MAPA meeting was attended by Bruns. She stated that it was very informative and that it was a good networking opportunity. MAPA said a representative can come to board meetings to discuss funding options available to the town.
  5. Action to delete from Municipal Code Book, Section 7-217 was tabled to gather information.
  6. Board discussed having Maureen write a letter to the dog owners at 224 S 4th St to reiterate what was already stated in previous letters.
  7. The board discussed starting interviews for the maintenance position. Bruns stated she thought Blunt and Ernst should be included in the interview process. Kicak and Bruns also offered to help with interviews. It was agreed that all board members should look at applications.


Reports of Boards, Commissions, and Committees


Library: Kicak made a motion, seconded by Wray, to approve to Library payroll and A/P report. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.

Park: Chips are put down in playground. Nebraska Digging presented report about where the water is running down and wants to build a swell to divert water flow to south, Wray thought it needs to be done before spring, Kicak thought we should see their schedule before deciding. Was tabled until next meeting.

Streets: Blunt order rock chips for slip areas this winter, tree dump site is still on the list for grinding but wasn’t sure when it would happen. Bruns stated that if there were no objections, she would open up discussion about the street project as a decision needs to be made before the next board meeting. Ernst stated he didn’t think all of the streets could be done at this time. Bruns wanted a discussion about which roads were most important to do at this time. Blunt stated he thought 4th Street to railroad would be the better spot to work on at this time and to grade/rock B street. Kicak made a motion, seconded by Wray, to approve the street project paving E street from 4th street to railroad avenue, from railroad avenue to E street, and to grade and rock B street from 1st to 2nd. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.

Water: New filters were installed.

Sewer: There are 2 functioning operating systems for pump and motor. The third operating system needs a new motor and the pump needs fixed. If pump can be shipped to Illinois, they will fix it for just the cost of parts. Motor will be $1,978.97 minus tax because the motor has to be explosion proof.

Planning/Zoning: Has a meeting November 14th at 7:00pm.

Public Comment Period: Jeff Clymer of 405 N 5th St was here stating he was interested in the maintenance position and wanted to hear what the next step would be.

Correspondence: None.

Personnel: None.

Future Agenda Items: Smith fence permit, board member appointment recommendations, community center tree stump bid and estimate, computer estimates, removing section from code book, job posting interviews, newspaper publishing information, Nebraska digging availability, Eric with Olsson, Evan with JEO and Ameritis, Main street building update, unsafe building letter for 208 E D St.


A motion was made by Wray, seconded by Ernst, to enter executive session to discuss a personnel review. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0 and executive session was entered at 8:31pm.


A motion was made by Wray, seconded by Kicak, to exit executive session. RCV: Yes: All. Executive session was ended at 9:02pm.


Janssen was to enter water bills and payments and do minutes. There would be another review on December 18th. Wray offered to come in up to twice a week to see what is being done at the office and to sit with Connie Carlton to allow her to come in when Janssen must be off.


Without any further discussion the meeting was adjourned at 9:13pm.


Minutes taken by Kristen Janssen



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