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October 16, 2019 – 7:00pm


Meeting Held at Elmwood Village Hall


The meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. Chairperson Miki Bruns stated that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was posted. Roll Call was answered by Miki Bruns, Pat Wray, Becky Kicak, and Dave Ernst.

Kicak made a motion, seconded by Ernst, to approve the October 2nd minutes with corrections. RCV: Yes: All. Motion was approved 4-0.

Wray made a motion, seconded by Kicak, to approve of payroll and claims for October 16, 2019. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0. Payroll: $2,383.89. Claims: Meeske Ace Hardware $7.45, Midwest Laboratories $131.80, Nebraska Department of Revenue $1602.18, One Call Concepts $33.81, United States Treasury $1740.26, Verizon Wireless $56.26, WireBuilt $29.00, Argi-builders $6650.00, Black Hills Energy $43.68, Bromm Lindahl Freeman-Caddy $333.50, Capital City Refuse $761.00, Christiansen Tree Service $2290.00, Columbus Telegram $76.82, Grainger $25.10, Intuit Quickbooks $695.50.

New Business

  1. Midlands grant was awarded in the amount of $6000. Will do concrete at the park. Rain is hindering gazebo project, but they know it needs to be done.
  2. Betty Meyer expressed concern about a water bill from a previous tenant at her rental. Clerk explained that the deposit was retained for water bill, so she was satisfied.
  3. Clerk looked at 3 water bills with sprinkler system to find sewer max average, brought bill down significantly. Kicak made a motion, seconded by Ernst, to approve the reducing of Andersen’s water bill to what clerk presented. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.
  4. Sue Allgayer expressed that there was concern about the stump out in front of senior center. She stated she was told it was to be removed. Bruns stated that the town doesn’t grind stumps usually. The stump is located in front of the annex. Bruns doesn’t think it’s the towns responsibility, but Ed was on a rescue call so couldn’t confirm. Clerk will ask him. Pat will call Mick Bornemeier to see cost. Tabled.
  5. Eric Beiermann from Olsson was here to talk about B St project. C St was designed as an alternate, but board didn’t vote to do that. We were waiting on talking with co-op to talk about culverts on B St. We’ve had to do work on that street to help drain it. Eric stated that he would coordinate with co-op. His opinion is that a pond in grassy area on south side of B St would be a good start and then decide where the board would want the drainage to go. If the board choose to let it go through the co-op it would slow it down. Would have to have a meeting with co-op to find out if they are willing to put pond up. Can do paving project without doing drainage project would just need to put in a better drainage under street to stop it from backing up. He has preliminary design for B St, already has survey done so wouldn’t have to do a full survey. Tabled until further information can be gathered.
  6. Bruns got a nice thank you from Pink Gorilla for towns help at Harvest Moon Hustle. The next one is scheduled for September 11, 2020 and they will be sending insurance information April or May.
  7. Clerk presented information about different cloud storage information, will get more information on onedrive. Ernst to look into budget for new computer. Tabled to see about budget
  8. Bruns will be present at the MAPA outreach seminar and will report back. Tabled
  9. Bruns talked with Erin Ball and she is willing to come and talk with us about insurance coverage.
  10. Tara Price is going to get candy for Santa. Must stay under $400.
  11. Clerk asked about merger with ADP. Board decided that the last meeting of December would be on the next years W2’s. Board decided we will do electronic signatures and clerk will keep doing payroll hours the way it is for hours break down.
  12. Section 7-217: With fluoride added to water in book needs to be removed. Do some research on how to take it out of book. Tabled to gather information.  
  13. Bruns understanding was that person doing minutes would get paid. Only one person is taking minutes, so only pay one person. Kicak made a motion, seconded by Ernst, to only have one person get paid for taking minutes. Discussion: Wray doesn’t remember a conversation about only one clerk getting paid, Kicak reiterated the motion is to only pay one clerk for taking minutes. RCV: Yes: Ernst, Kicak, Bruns Abstain: Wray. Motion approved 3-0.

Unfinished business

  1. The street project was discussed. Decided to wait to see what happens with Olsson on B St before making decision on streets. Lou Allgayer suggested editing the project to start at 5th on E St. Tabled until Olsson’s information
  2. Clerk contacted lawyer about dog complaint and is waiting to hear back.
  3. The job posting for the full-time maintenance person will be kept open until the November 6th
  4. Clerk contacted lawyer to discuss if it matters what day the paper is received. Still waiting to hear back.
  5. Julie Baer was contacted about the unsafe building at 208 E D St, haven’t heard back. Tabled.


Library: September 9 meeting minutes were reviewed. Kicak made a motion, seconded by Ernst to approve claims and payroll. Rcv: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.  

Park: Nothing to report

Street: Nothing to report

Water: Mailed samples and will send more next week

Sewer: 24 composite sent it. Needs generator serviced. Will be $350. A motion was made by Ernst, seconded by Kicak, to approve servicing the generator in the amount of $350.00. RCV: Yes: All. Motion approved 4-0.

Planning/zoning: Bruns talked with new members and got information to them about JEO

Public Comment: Betty Meyer Manley, NE: Last spring 424 W D St had leak and owner fixed it, but now there is a concave spot. Ed will fill in with dirt.

Correspondence: None

Personnel: None

Future agenda: Stump community center, Olsson, router and computer, MAPA, 7-217 from book, street project JEO, Dog complaint, Paper publishing information, 208 E D St, snow removal

Without any further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:25.


Minutes taken by Kristen Janssen, Clerk.


10-16-2019 Official Minutes

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