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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

October 5, 2016

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in Regular Session with Trustees Anderson, Wray, and Krass present with Chairperson Wilhelm presiding. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Chairperson Wilhelm declared the “Open Meeting Act” posted. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”. Visitors present included Jack Hovick, Eric Beiermann, Brody Baer, Joe Bornemeier, Mick Bornemeier, Eugenia Bornemeier, Ben Kastens, Marie Gregoire, and Sam Mandolfo. Ed Blunt and Connie Carlton were also present.

Motion by Anderson to approve the minutes of the September 21, 2016 Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees/CDA Board meeting as presented; second by Wray. Vote: Yes: All, No: None; Motion approved.

REPORTS OF BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES: Streets: Culvert replacement – Motion by Anderson to accept the estimate of Nebraska Digging Services for a culvert replacement at 5th/E Streets at a cost of $1,460; second by Wray. RCV: Yes: All; No: None. Motion approved. Park: Harvest Moon Hustle organizers made a $400 donation to the park improvement fund. Motion by Wray to approve the pursuing of multiple matching grants over the next three years for future park restoration contingent on funds of $64,000 being available; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved. Library: Motion by Anderson to approve Brandon Collins as the new Library Board Member; second by Baer. Motion approved. Motion by Wray to approve the accounts payable claims as presented for payment with second by Anderson. Motion approved. Water: Lead/Copper results WNL. Water meters will be ordered. Sewer: Sewer maintenance jetting completed this week. The UV lights have been turned off; they will be cleaned and removed this week. Planning/Zoning: Special Hearing Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 7:00 pm for a conditional use permit/liquor license application of The Quonset Bar & Grill, located at 126 South 4th Street.

Unfinished Business: Chairperson Wilhelm recommended Brody Baer be appointed to the Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees; Baer would fill the remainder of Lou Allgayer’s term on the Board. Motion by Krass to appoint Brody Baer to the Village Board of Trustees with second by Wray. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved. New Board Member Baer read the official oath of office, and was welcomed as the new Trustee. Bid letting for paving, drainage and water improvement projects – Motion by Wray to award the base bid of $329,167.00 to K2 Construction; second by Krass. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved. The Board decided to proceed with the project without “C Street” paving. Building permit for the new Verizon cell tower to be located on Jerry Swarts’ property – Motion by Krass to approve the building permit for a Verizon cell tower with addition of a light to be installed according to FAA standards; second by Wray. Motion approved. Motion by Anderson to approve the grading estimate from Nebraska Digging Services for North 6th & F Streets’ alley/drainage in the amount of $1,440.00; second by Krass. Motion approved. Hail damage – Motion by Anderson to approve Home Construction Services as the roofing contractor to replace the roofs on the water plant, wastewater plant, library, city hall, and park restrooms at a cost of $36,570.00; second by Wray. Motion approved.  


Page 2 – October 5, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

New Business: Motion by Wray to approve cost sharing with EMMA in the amount of $200.00 for the purchase of new banners for mainstreet; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All; No: None. Motion carried. Board member Wray presented a Cass County Economic Development update.

Presentation of Claims for Payment: Cass County Refuse $65.00 (Sept 2016 Refuse Service); Columbus Telegram $58.75 (Sept 2016 Publication Expense); Cornhusker State Industries $199.60 (Stop/Speed Limit Signs); Elmwood C-Store $8.39 (antifreeze); McBattas-MSA $48.72 (Office Flag); Meeske Ace Hardware $41.53 (Tool Expense); Midwest Farmers Coop $203.50 (Sept Fuel Expense); Nebr Digging Services $150.00 (Excavate/replace water shutoff); OPPD $3,507.38 (Aug-Sept Electricity Expense); Payroll $3,230.49 (Sept 30/Oct 5 Payrolls); Quill Corp

$45.99 (Supplies – Sewer); Voice News $90.32 (Bid Publication); Windstream $137.12 (Aug-Sept Telephone Expense). Motion by Wray to approve the claims as presented for payment; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.

Motion by Wray to enter into Executive Session for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual regarding the hiring of a part-time maintenance employee; second by Baer. The Board entered into Executive Session at 9:30 p.m. Motion by Wray to exit Executive Session with second by Krass at 9:55 p.m.

Motion by Wray with second by Baer to approve the hiring of Christopher Beebee as part-time maintenance summer help at the current rate of $9.00/hour. RCV: Yes: Baer, Krass, Wray, Wilhelm; No: None. Abstain: Julie Anderson. Motion approved.

There being no further business, the village board meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

_________________________________             ____________________________________

Connie Carlton, Clerk/Treasurer                            Curt Wilhelm, Chairperson

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